Allseating YouToo Task Chair

Allseating YouToo Task Chair


  • In Stock and available for pick up at our store ONLY in all black
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • 3 Frame Colors / Smoke and Black are QuickShip
  • 4D Arms (Up/Down/Forward/Backward/Inward/pivot in
  • Lots of fabric colors (Please call)
  • One of the best chairs if you sit for long periods of time

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Allseating You Nylon Back YouToo Chair

Allseating YouToo Task Chair builds upon You's revolutionary ergonomic design language with a re-engineered and more budget accessible nylon frame that increases design flexibility without compromising comfort. YouToo is affordable innovation at its best.

Available in three different frame colors, four mesh patterns, and many mesh colors and textiles, the You and YouToo chair by Allseating is sure to match your current workstation or home office. Only showing a limited number of colors but to see a full range of how to configure this chair, check this out: Allseating YouToo

Comfort like no other desk chair

What makes the You and YouToo chair different is the ability to increase lumbar support and at the same time lift the lower of your back to release pressure on your sit bones. Other desk chairs just have a pad that pushes into your lumbar for support but nothing like this one. This ergonomic feat is accomplished by twisting the dial on the back of the chair which bends the frame. With its U-shaped back suspension, the You chair introduces a revolutionary way of sitting that ‘lifts’ you into the proper position. Similar to sitting on a yoga ball, the You chair engages your core muscles, elongates the back, opens your chest and keeps your shoulders down and relaxed. That means you sit up tall and light on your sit bones.

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AllSeating Frame Color

Birch Nylon, Black Nylon, Smoke Nylon

AllSeating Fabric

Grade 1 – Oasis – Drift, Grade 1 – Oasis – Fern, Grade 1 – Oasis – Night, Grade 1 – Oasis – Red Sea, Grade 1 – Oasis – Sunset

AllSeating Mesh Style

M2 Mesh, M3 Mesh

AllSeating Mesh Color

Copper, Ebony, Silica


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Float Mini embodies our commitment to creating ergonomic and sustainable products. Although standard in most other sit/stand desks, Float Mini does not utilize any harmful Red List chemicals, such as formaldehyde. In addition, we chose to use bamboo for the work surface as opposed to traditional wood. Bamboo takes less than 10 years to replenish, making it the more planet-friendly option. By comparison, the wood used in standard tops comes from old-growth forests, which can take up to 100 years to regrow. While emulating our goal of creating net positive products that leave the world better off, the table provides a warm aesthetic perfect for any work from-home setup without compromising durability.

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Compact Design

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