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Free Shipping!

Everything in our website with the exeption of “LA Only Items” ships via UPS or FedEX ground for free to all lower 48 states! Sorry Alaska and Hawaii. All of our items were hand picked from our trusted vendors that offer both commercial and residential delivery.

“LA Only Items” are delivered by our dedicated delivery and installation company for a flat fee depending on the item and quantity. These items are bigger, bulkier, and require a professional to handle them during the installation and delivery. If we are delivering to a commercial building that requires a certificate of insurance, you would need to provide the information for the management building so that we can get their insurance requirements.

Also each of our products is backed by industry leading warranties so you can rest assured that our customer service will be here to support you in the years ahead.

Although we processed orders in record time, each product has its own lead time

  • You can find the expected lead time for all of our products in the description or additional information.
  • Many of our products are in stock and ship within 48 – 72 hours
  • MTO (Made to Order) products have their specified lead time in the description of the product.
  • We will email tracking information once the order ships


Currently we do not ship outside of the contiguous US or outside of the country.



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