6G Keyboard System with 900 Board And Swivel Mouse

6G Keyboard System with 900 Board And Swivel Mouse


  • Sleek and intuitive, 7″ height adjustable arm
  • 900 Keyboard platform (19″W x 10.625″D)
  • 8″ Swivel mouse platform, right
  • Gel Palm Support
  • 22″ Track
  • Color: Black
  • Lead time 2 – 3 Weeks

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Before purchasing this product we highly suggest you read our Keyboard Tray Buying Guide

This configuration is for desks that are 72"W X 30" - 36"D and there are no obstructions underneath the top.

In many ways, a keyboard support is the heart of an ergonomic workstation. As reach and vision drive posture, our keyboard tray allows the user to sit in a healthy, neutral posture through bringing the keyboard and mouse to the user in an ergonomic position.

Humanscale patented keyboard systems have effortless height and angle adjustment. Promoting negative tilt keying, the keyboard platforms will not go into a positive tilt.

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Float Mini embodies our commitment to creating ergonomic and sustainable products. Although standard in most other sit/stand desks, Float Mini does not utilize any harmful Red List chemicals, such as formaldehyde. In addition, we chose to use bamboo for the work surface as opposed to traditional wood. Bamboo takes less than 10 years to replenish, making it the more planet-friendly option. By comparison, the wood used in standard tops comes from old-growth forests, which can take up to 100 years to regrow. While emulating our goal of creating net positive products that leave the world better off, the table provides a warm aesthetic perfect for any work from-home setup without compromising durability.

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humanscale float mini next to bed

Compact Design

Offered with a 16” x 27” workspace and a caster wheel option, Float Mini accommodates each users work style in even the most compact spaces.