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A desk lamp will reduce headaches and eye strain, but best of all, it will increase your productivity.

Task Lighting — Your Secret Productivity Tool

One of the most overlooked accessories for your workstation and home office is “The desk lamp.” Its purpose is poorly understood and benefits hidden in the shadows that were not cast. A desk lamp will reduce headaches and eye strain, but best of all, it will increase your productivity. In today’s world where there is a transition to work and study remotely, it is very possible that your new home workstation was not designed, but rather a makeshift or different products put together to call it a home office. Do not worry because we have other great guides that talk about height adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, keyboard trays, monitors arms, and how each of these individual products make a true home office, but for now – Task Lighting. Follow this guide and be illuminated.

What Is Task Lighting?

When you are designing a space, lighting is done in layers. You have your general lighting, accent/ambient lighting, and task lighting. Task lighting in the form of a desk lamp is concentrated lighting with the purpose to help you complete your work.

In recent years, desk lamps have incorporated LED technology which besides its innate benefits of not emitting heat, low power consumption, and long lasting durability, also better replicate natural light which is important for our circadian rhythm.

Desk Lamps and Your Well-Being

Splitty Desk Lamps

Light Your Way to Productivity

Some of us wish the days would have more than 24 hours and perhaps more sunshine but the truth is that the sun has places to be, even though we want to keep going. That midterm, report, homework, website, and new app is not going to be done by itself and that’s how our trusty desk lamp shines.

Besides improving the lighting conditions of your home office, LED technology incorporated on desk lamps are better at imitating natural light. Still, it is important that you buy the right desk lamp and the right type of light.

Warm lighting (CRI 55): Creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. This type of lighting is perfect if your afternoons are spent reading books or online articles that you enjoy.

Cool lighting (CRI 60-65): Found in conference and brainstorming rooms of high profile companies, improves alertness, mood, and productivity. It also reduces melatonin which reduces the feeling of fatigue.

Color Rendering Index is the measurement of light in relation to how it affects the appearance of color. Natural daylight has a CRI of 80.

What to Look for in a Desk Lamp

Nowadays desk lamps could look like a piece of art but there has to be balance between utility and design. First decide how you are going to use this lamp. Is it to relax and enjoy an activity or to tackle work when the sun goes down. Make sure it is LED and has a dimmer to adjust the brightness. Also make sure it is highly adjustable. Being able to move the arm up and down as well as rotate to focus the light where it is needed. Other advanced features could be included such as a motion sensor which turns on when you are approaching your desk and turns off after a certain time of inactivity. Other lamps have USB ports so you can charge your phone while you work or study. High end models have wireless charging in case you want to reduce wires and keep your work surface clean.

3 Great Desk Lamps

Z-Bar Collection by Koncept Lighting: “Minimalism at its Best” – Highly flexible and available in multiple fun colors. This desk lamp is available in both warm and cool light. Built in touchstrip for multi-level dimming and an optional occupancy sensor.
Splitty by Koncept: Best of NeoCon Gold Award 2017, the Splitty was perfected as a radiant ambient light as well as a functional task light. Highly flexible and available in many colors, Splitty features an optional wireless charging base and occupancy sensor. The standard base has a USB port to charge your phone.
Infinity LED Task Light by Humanscale: With an industry leading 10-year 24/7 warranty, this piece of art is one of the few desk lamps that has a color rendering index of 90. Perfect for designers and architects that need to see colors as they are. Beautifully designed with forever hinges, this desk lamp features an occupancy sensor and nine levels of brightness and remembers preferred user settings.

Desk lamps can increase your productivity and help you finish your work by manipulating your circadian rhythm and improving the light quality of your home office. It is also important to get plenty of sleep so make sure you have at least one hour of no blue light for your brain to start releasing melatonin. We hope this user guide has at least brightened your day.


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